Calling all Spirits, Ghosts and Ghouls
(It’s a ghostly themed costume party, and you’re all invited!)
We have gone unrecognized at this Bats Day event for far too long! Now is our time. The clocks are striking thirteen. At last we shall crawl out of our moldering tombs… and take over Dark Park! And this time, NO MORTALS ALLOWED!

This is an event for residents of the spirit world.  Madame Elle and her assistants will be on hand to assure that no mortals will be allowed entrance. The only way foolish mortals can attend is to disguise yourself in suitably macabre garb to avoid detection, and you must possess a Death Certificate. In other words, it’s a ghostly themed costume party, and you’re all invited!

*IMPORTANT: To ensure your smooth entry into the Bats Day Happy Haunts Swinging Wake, a disguise is REQUIRED.  All manner of spirit forms are encouraged to attend, from those seen in Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction or film, to a ghost pirate right out of the Spanish Main, a steam-driven deceased inventor to those in monster form or even those who have freshly departed. The only limit is your imagination.

Just remember: Tonight the veil is thin, and the ghosts expect to see everyone dressed to kill! No costume, no entry! Mortals wishing to enter the party, but arriving without a disguise may purchase one of a limited number of "Emergency Wraith Disguise Kits."  However, guests are strongly urged to come prepared.

Your ticket to the Bats Day Happy Haunts
Swinging Wake includes:

All Entertainment, Dessert Horror D'oeuvres (for the 1st hour or until
supplies last) and a limited edition keepsake.

Appropriate attire only -- this is a costumed gala for the afterlife.  Those mortals wishing to "cross over" must disguise themselves to gain entrance.  Please see the "About" section for details.

This is an all ages event.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Anaheim Resort - Convention Center | 2085 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, California 92802


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