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***March 5, 2021 Update***

Bats Day in the Fun Park®; 22-Bats-Tiki™ – POSTPONED to May 2022

Due to the continued uncertainties with the COVID-19 pandemic and the unknown date of when Disneyland CA will go back to their normal operating procedures, it seems likely that Bats Day in the Fun Park 22: The Spooky Trip to Disneyland Resort CA, in May will have to be postponed.  It is still not safe to hold in-person events as of yet.  Also if Disneyland were to open right now, it would only be open at a limited capacity.

We will miss seeing all of our spooky friends for another year, but we also know that this is only temporary and that this is the right thing do to.  We want to be able to have everyone who wants to attend, to be safe and not worry about possibly not getting into the Tragic Kingdom.

Our new tentative date to have our Bats-Tiki™ Bats Day 22, is May 8, 2022. We may also see the return of the Bats Day® Black Market as well.

Just because our in-person event isn’t happening this year, we don’t completely want to leave you in the dark.  So on May 2, 2021 we are going to break into the Bats Day in the Fun Park archival crypt.  We are going to go through 15 years of concert footage from our past events and put together the Bats Day Dark Park™ Live…er…DeadStream Musicfest. With performance from bands like Abney Park, Babyland, Coffin Draggers, Creature Features, David J., Fangs on Fur, Frankenstein, Marquis & the Rhythm Howlers, Tragic Black, Sky’s Gone Out, Voltaire & more.

We really do appreciate all of you for supporting this event. The last thing we want to do is put anyone in harms way. Bats Day in the Fun Park does not have a corporate sponsorship or relies on an individual funding the event. Bats Day is a grass root event and always has been. Bats Day is an event for the community. Any funds or money that this event takes in, it goes right back into the event. At this time please continue to support this event along with all the independent artists and musicians that are struggling at the moment.

Please be safe out there. Wear your Mask. Wash your hands. Social Distance. Please only go out when it is necessary. Remember, it only takes one person who is Asymptomatic to spread this virus and do it without even knowing you did. The longer we don’t take this pandemic seriously, the longer we are not going to go back to Spooky, er normal.

Help support and be kind to your fellow community members. Hopefully in May 2022 the situation will be much different than it is now. We will get through this, We have been doing this already for about a year now. Hopefully, not much longer.

-How can I help Bats Day® during this situation.
Any purchases made at our store would very much help out the event. To make this even more special we are going to have a 25% off your entire order, until May 3.
25% off* your entire order at www.batsdaystore.com. Just use code “SPOOKY” during checkout. Code not good on Bats Day Bat Ear Hat Kits. Code expires 5/3/2021; 11:59pm PST

Also check out
the Official Bats Day DisBat™ & DlandGoth™ collection of designs at bit.ly/disgoth
and Bats Day collection at bit.ly/aonk-bd

Thank you for reading and Stay Spooky.

Noah K.

Bats Day in the Fun Park; The Original #Disneygoth, Est. 1999


***Feb 20, 2020 Update***

Get your official Bats Day event items now.


***Jan 18, 2020 Update***

Download the full press release as a PDF here.

This May 3rd 2020, Grab your Black Lily-Lei & Ghoul-Whip™. The Original #Disneygoth is headed to the Spooky Tropics of the Disneyland Resort, Ca. for Bats-Tiki™, during Bats Day in the Fun Park®.

Anaheim, California (January, 2020) — May 3, 2020 will bring the 22nd Annual Bats Day in the Fun Park at the Disneyland Resort, CA. But this year we are going on vacation to the Spooky Tropics of the Disneyland for Bats-Tiki.  Though Bats Day in the Fun Park is a Goth Pride event, we thought we would have some fun and see you in your best Bats-Tiki attire. Of course we are on “vacation” so why not.  The Bats-Tiki attire is of course optional. Be on the look out as we announce special Bats-Tiki meet-up locations during our spooky trip to the Disneyland Resort, Ca.
The 22nd annual Bats Day in the Fun Park, the Spooky Trip to Disneyland Resort, CA weekend will be held Sunday, May 3, 2020, with an estimated 10,000+ people expected to attend.

Scheduled events for 2020 include:
-The Bats Day in the Fun Park; Spooky Trip to Disneyland, CA—where attendees are encouraged to participate in as many photo opportunities and meet-up locations as they can, culminating in a spooktacular Photo Event and Ride Experience through Disneyland’s classic Haunted Mansion attraction.

-Bats Day’s Scream Prize Alert System – Win prizes just by following us on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social media. Bats Day in the Fun Park was the first event to use social media this way.

-Special Limited Edition Button Give away – Once again we will have our limited edition Bats Day event buttons to give away to those lucky individuals, who find one of our many Bats Day Staff and take a photo with them.  Also follow our social media to find out about the button station drops that we will be doing through out the day on May 3.  These limited edition buttons have been created and donated by Founder/Executive Producer of Bats Day in the Fun Park, Noah K.

-Bats Day 2020 Event Shirt Pre-order online sale – At this time, the only way to get one of this year’s amazing event shirts will be to pre order, starting soon, until March 31 at www.batsdaystore.com.  Only $13*+SH.  After March 31, the price on any remaining shirts left will go up to $20*+SH.  Get your event shirt now.  Pre-ordered shirts will get to you in time before the event.

-The Group Photo & Special Meet-Up Locations – We are working out the details on this year’s group photo and Meet-up locations. Info will be announced soon on the Official Bats Day Website (BATSDAY.NET) & Official Social Media.
Bats Day in the Fun Park has become a spooky phenomenon, paving the way for other group meet-ups and social gatherings. Bats Day in the Fun Park attracts people from all dark subculture genres and walks of life, from deathrock to Goth, Industrial to steampunk, rockabilly to psychobilly, Halloween and anywhere in between, all for the love of Disneyland. Over the years, we have met quite a number of people from outside the subculture that enjoy attending, too. We welcome everyone to join in the spooky fun! Bats Day in the Fun Park has grown from a humble group of 80 friends in 1999 to over 10,000 guests from all over the world in 2019. This year, we hope to shatter new records and continue the growth of this dark subculture event. 

Information on event meeting times and locations for Bats Day in the Fun Park: The Spooky Trip to Disneyland can be found at the Official Bats Day website: www.batsday.net, along with photos from previous Bats Day in the Fun Park trips. The Bats Day in the Fun Park events are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. Bats Day in the Fun Park 22 happens May 3, 2020, at the Disneyland Resort California.

“It really must be the happiest place on Earth, when even the Goths can’t stop smiling.”
-Claire Luna, Los Angeles Times

“Don’t let anyone tell you that the Age of Irony is over. It’s alive and well in California, and here’s the proof: Goth kids love Disneyland.” 
Chuck Klosterman, Spin Magazine

“Who could resist the fun - the gloomiest people in the universe in The Happiest Place on Earth?”
- Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

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P: 813.9BATS99 (813.922.8799) | E: Batsday@aol.com / batsday@batsday.net



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