The events that happen on these days will be located at the following location

Sunday May 8, 2022
The events that happen on these days will be located at the following location
Disneyland Resort CA | 1313 S. Disneyland Drive | Anaheim, CA 92802

These events will include the following events:

-Bats Day in the Fun Park: The Spooky Trip to Disneyland Resort CA
-Bats Day Scream Prize Prize Event
-10pm Meet-up at Trader Sam's Disneyland Hotel, CA

No special ticket is required. You do need a ticket or a valid annual pass to enter Disneyland.

Bats Day in the Fun Park 2022
Photo Meeting Times & Locations

11:00AM - Mother's Day Button Drop
(Location to be announced on Instagram & Twitter)

1:00PM - The Enchanted Tiki Room
(Attraction Meet-up)

1:45PM -Bats-Tiki™ Secret Button Drop
(Location to be announced on Instagram & Twitter)

3:00PM - Sleeping Beauty Castle Group Photo-op
(See Full Instructions below)

8:00PM - Haunted Mansion Ride Meet up
(No Photo-op)

10:00PM - Trader Sam's Meet-up

Also Scream Prizes & Button Drop Locations Throughout the Day (follow our Instagram & Twitter accounts)

3:00PM – Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disney is not giving any support on this year’s photo. Disney can shut down this photo meet at anytime.  To have this photo happen in the past, Bats Day has had to pay to have Disney help out with the support due to the size of this group. This meant paying a fee to have the streets around the castle closed for the time while we took the photo. This also included giving us a designated waiting area and extra Cast Members on hand to help out. This didn't mean just purchasing the photo at the photo station..  2014 through 2017 Bats Day had been paying to be able to do the photos (Castle, Haunted Mansion and Baby Bats).  Since there is no Black Market or other events on Friday & Saturday, there is no budget this year to have all the meet photos. This is why there is only going to be one photo and quite possibly the last group photo for this event. 

Please contact us about the group photo. The Disney Company has no involvement.

It is very important to follow all rules for this to run smoothly:
-Please do not hang around the area until 5 mins before the photo is taken. The photo is being taken at 3pm sharp. Disney can shut this photo down. We need to be out of the area by 3:15pm.

-Prepare that you will NOT be in the front.  Please do not try to get to be in the front.  We will take the photo where everyone will be seen.

-You must sit down. No exceptions. If you have to stand please stay towards the back.

-DO NOT stand on benches, walls, dividers, etc.

-Stay out of the street. We have to keep all pathways free for regular park attendees, Cast Members and vehicles to be able to pass.

-Please only stay with in the highlight area marked below. (Please see the Photo-op diagrams below)

-This photo will happen very quickly at 3:00pm sharp and we will spend no more than 5 mins taking it.  We will get into position, take the photo and then go. We need to be out of the area by 3:15pm.

-Once in position Noah K will give the cue to take the photo. So don’t move.

-There will be no announcements or speech this year from Noah K. but please see below a special message from Noah K.

-Let us all be on our best ghoulish behavior so this photo can be taken. This may be the very last group photo.

-We will let you know, on our social media, how you will be able to obtain the group photo.

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Please make sure your friends know about this and it will all run smoothly.

Message from Noah K. (Founder/Executive Producer of Bats Day in the Fun Park)

Hello Everyone,

After 2 years of postponements, due to a world pandemic, it surely is nice to finally be back. We can finally have our 22nd event. Who would have thought we be here 22 events later? Thank you everyone for coming to this year's event. It is amazing seeing how this event started to what it has become today. I want to thank you all for the continuing support over the years. This is an event for you, for our lifestyle, for our way of life. Take pride in being in this Dark Subculture (goth). Continue to create and grow. Continue to be you. Goth is not a costume. It’s who we are.

We will continue to embrace our roots of the Bats Day in the Fun Park event Park Meet for the time being and hope to bring the Bats Day Black Market and pre events again soon. Until then please follow us on our other social media for up to date information.

Once again thank you and we will see you all on Sunday May 8, 2022.

Noah K.
Founder/Executive Producer
Bats Day in the Fun Park

Update 3/2022

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