Bats Day in the Fun Park®: Goth Day. The Annual Spooky Trip to the Disneyland Ca Resort. The annual spooky trip to the Disneyland California Resort and all activities and meets on Walt Disney Company property are open to the general public. All attendees must obey all posted rules, dress codes, and safety relations of Disneyland Resort in order to be in compliance with the Walt Disney Company's Rules and Regulations.

Bats Day in the Fun Park LLC shall not be held responsible for the actions, property or well being of attendees to events held in the Disneyland Resort. Bats Day in the Fun Park is NOT a themed dress up day. The Dark Subculture community has a certain style of dress. Most of the people that are in this community wear this style of dress everyday. If you wear something that could be mistaken for a character of the Disneyland Theme Park or as a Cast Member you may be asked to change your clothes before you can enter Disneyland.

®, © & ™ Bats Day in the Fun Park, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Bats Day in the Fun Park events are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.
The Original DisneyGoth / Goth Day Est. 1999 . Unless it is stated here on this website, it is not affiliated with Bats Day in the Fun Park®
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