Please Don’t Destroy - Three Normal Goths
SNL Saturday Night Live_(Inspired from Bats Day) - April 3, 2022

New York Times Superbowl 30 sec Spot
"Goths at Disneyland" - Feb 7, 2022

@Midnight with Chris Hardwick
Extended Clip - Goths Flock to Disneyland
Uncensored - June 9, 2019

Full episode here


Tour Fiend Coverage (2017)


Fandom: Disney Bats Day 2017
The Goths take over Disneyland


LisaTV @ Bats Day Black Market - Nov 19, 2012

LisaTV @ Disneyland Bats Day - Nov 19, 2012

LTN "Red Light" - Originally Aired Oct 2005


For Goths at Disneyland, It’s a Dark World After All
New York Times - May 11, 2018

After this Sunday, Bats Day at Disneyland is Dead (Kinda)
Lina Lecaro - LAWeekly May 4, 2018

Disneyland goth gathering Bats Day scales back
Take Two - KPCC 2018


Darkness Creeps into Disneyland on Bats Day Weekend
OC Weekly - May 27, 2015

When Goths go to Disneyland
Siran Babayan - LAWeekly May2, 2013


When you wish upon a scar
OC Weekly - Aug 21, 2003

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Chuck Klosterman - Spin Magazine -July 22, 2003

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